Event DescriptionEdit

An adventurer from the province of X offers to sell you a map leading to a treasury of the Ancients that he discovered in your lands. He is asking for 100 gold for the map.

Options and ConsequencesEdit

  1. Buy the map.
    • The map is yours, but as it turns out there are no treasures in the indicated place. Of course by the time this becomes clear, the adventurer has already vanished without a trace. (-100 Gold.jpg)
    • Find nothing
      1. What a cunning rogue!
        • ?
      2. Curse the fraud!
        • ?
      3. Offer a reward for his head!
        • (-50 Gold.jpg)
      4. This is sad...
        • ?
    • The map is yours scouts report that they have searched the indicated place and found a secret entrance to the treasury of the ancients, abandoned long ago. after a few repairs this peculiar building could bring some steady income to your treasury.
      1. pay for the repairs(-70 Gold.jpg)
        • adds an Ancient Vault building to the province
      2. plunder what is left
        • Somebody looking for easy loot apparently visited the old treasury before you all you manage to collect is modest amount of 18 gold.
      3. let it stand as it is
        •  ?
    • The map is yours! Scouts report that there is a secret entrance to ancient catacombs in the place indicated. Strong guards are seen inside, so the treasures should be intact still. (adds location Cache of the Ancients)
  2. Take the map from this rogue!
    • It seems the adventurer expected this because he disappears with his map without a trace as soon as he starts to suspect that something is wrong.
      1. What a cunning rogue!
        • (nothing happens)
      2. Why do I have only idiots working for me?!
        • ?
  3. I don't need this mortal's scribbles.
    • ?
  4. Refuse politely.
    • ?

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