Unicorn event
This event may occur while exploring forest provinces and is the only way to hire a unicorn.

Event DescriptionEdit

While exploring a province, the hero has found a glade with a grazing unicorn.

Options and ConsequencesEdit

  1. Pass By.
    • (nothing happens)
  2. Kill the unicorn (enter battle with the unicorn)
  3. Try to tame the unicorn.
    This option gives the hero a chance of hiring the unicorn. The hero must have a free slot for a Tier 3 unit. Chance to tame is 30/(100-Diplomacy*10), 30% without diplomacy, up to 60% for sniper with Diplomacy 5.
    • (success)
    • As soon as the hero takes a couple of steps towards the unicorn, it rushes into the forest and vanishes from sight.
  4. Try to catch the unicorn.
    • If Successful
      • Sell it to the monstrologists. (+200 Gold)
      • Sell it to alchemists. (+25 Gems)
      • Light a bonfire and roast it for our soldiers. (?)
      • Let it go.
    • If Failure, Unicorn attacks

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