Tier 1
Alignment Good
Hiring Cost 30 Gold+5 Crystals+Mandrake
Upkeep 6 Gold+1 Crystals
Hit points icon2 Hit Points 10
Stamina icon Stamina 10
Moral ircon Morale 10
Speed icon Speed 2
Attack icon Attack 3
Counterattack icon Counterattack 4
Defence icon Defense 0
Ranged defence icon Ranged Defense 0
Resistance icon Resistance 3
Ranged attack icon Ranged Attack 0
Range icon Range 1
Ammo icon Ammo 5

This is the most basic healing unit in the game, it can only heal adjacent units as it's range is only 1.

Starting SkillsEdit

How to hireEdit

Skills available at level upEdit

Skill Available at level Times available
Meditation (1) 1 1

First Aid +1

1 5
Healing +1 3 6
Magic Strike 14 1

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