Each Location guard type corresponds to a group of thematically related units. The actual number, level, and unity type of the guards will be chosen depending on how far the location is from the closest stronghold of a Master, which is indicated by the Ring column in the table below. Location guards in the capital province have the same strength as those in ring 1 provinces. If you are looking for hireable guards who are assigned as province defenders, see Guards. If you are looking for information on the units guarding neutral provinces, see Neutral Provinces.

The strength of location guards is not fixed firmly to their ring, and can sometimes vary by +1 or -1. These outliers are not accounted for in the table below.

Location Guard Type Ring Unit Types
Adventurers 1 Elf, Dwarf, Halfling
2 Elf, Dwarf, Halfling, Monk, Sorcerer
3 Assassin, Dwarf, Elf, Fairy, Guardsman, Halfling, Lizardman, Monk, Sorcerer, Thief
Army of Chaos 1 Fiend, Hellhound, Imp, Succubus
2~5 ?
Bandits 1 ?
2 Assassin, Ballista, Bowman, Brigand, Thief, Thug
3 Brigand, Thief, Bowman, Ballista, Assassin, Thug
4 Assassin, Ballista, Bowman, Brigand, Catapult, Executioner, Thief, Thug
Battlemages 1 Shaman, Sorcerer
(shop) Gargoyle, Magician, Phoenix, Shaman, Sorcerer, Stone Golem, Warlock
Brigands 1 Bowman, Brigand, Thief
2 Assassin, Bowman, Brigand, Slinger, Thief
3 Assassin, Bowman, Brigand, Slinger, Thief, Thug
Centaurs 1 Centaur
Clerics 1~2 Healer, Monk, Swordsman
3 Cleric, Guardsman, Healer, Monk, Swordsman
Cult of the Hydra 1 Goblin, Shaman, Sorcerer, Medusa, Wizard, Hydra
Cult of the Phoenix 1 ElfElf DruidElf RangerMonkClericUnicornPhoenixWhite Wizard
Cult of the Titan 1 Giant, Orc, Shaman, Sorcerer, Stone Golem
Dark Druids 1 Basilisk, Giant Spider, Sorcerer
2 Basilisk, Giant Slug, Giant Spider, Sorcerer
3 Basilisk, Giant Slug, Giant Spider, Magician, Manticore, Sorcerer
Demonologists 1 Imp, Shaman
2 Fiend, Hellhound, Imp, Shaman, Sorcerer, Succubus
Demons 1 Imp
2 Fiend, Hellhound, Imp, Succubus
3 Fiend, Hellhound, Imp, Succubus, Ice Demon
4 Demon, Fiend, Hellhound, Imp, Succubus
Druids 1 Elf, Fairy, Pegasus
Dwarves 1 Ballista, Dwarf
(shop) Ballista, Catapult, Dwarf
Forest Guards 1 Dryad, Fairy
Gargoyles 1-2 Gargoyle
Giant Spiders 1~4 Giant Spider
Goblins 1 Goblin
2 Basilisk, Giant Slug, Goblin
3 Giant Slug, Goblin, Troll
4 Basilisk, Giant Slug, Goblin, Troll
Guards of the Ancients 1~3 Ballista, Catapult, Stone Golem, Clay Golem
Inquisitors 1 Crossbowman, Executioner, Pikeman, Healer, Swordsman
2 ?
3 Cleric, Crossbowman, Executioner, Monk, Pikeman, Healer, Swordsman
Knightly Order 1 Crossbowman, Healer, Knight, Pikeman, Swordsman
2 ?
3 Crossbowman, Healer, Knight, Monk, Pikeman, Swordsman
(shop) Cleric, Crossbowman, Guardsman, Healer, Knight, Monk, Paladin, Pikeman, Swordsman
Lizardmen 1 Lizardman
2 Basilisk, Lizardman
3 Basilisk, Lizardman, Medusa
Lost Souls 1 Ghost
Medusas 1~4 Medusa
Militia 1 Militiaman, Spearman, Slinger
Minotaurs 1 Minotaur
Necromancers 1~2 Ghoul, Skeleton, Sorcerer, Zombie
3 Skeleton, Zombie, Ghoul, Sorcerer, Black Wizard
4 Ghoul, Magician, Skeleton, Sorcerer, Zombie
Orcs 1~2 Goblin, Orc | (Allied Forces DLC) Orc, Orc Clubthrower, Orc Witchdoctor
3 Goblin, Ogre, Orc
4 Cyclops, Goblin, Ogre, Orc
Restless Guardians 1 ?
2 Skeleton, Zombie, Ballista
Retinue (shop) Crossbowman, Bowman, Guardsman, Horseman, Knight, Pikeman, Swordsman
Slugs 1~3 Giant Slug
Southeners 1 ?
2 Horse Archer, Slinger, Spearman
Swamp Creatures 1 Basilisk, Giant Slug
Tainted Ones 3 Tainted Unicorn, Dark Treant, Cursed Dragon, Zombie, Ghoul
Tomb Guardians 1 Skeleton, Gargoyle
2~3 ?
4 Gargoyle, Ghost, Skeleton, Stone Golem
Trolls 1 Troll
Undead 1 Skeleton, Zombie
2 Ghoul, Skeleton, Zombie
3 Ghost, Ghoul, Skeleton, Zombie
4 Ghost, Ghoul, Skeleton, Vampire, Zombie
Vampires 1~3 Vampire
Wild Pegasi 1 Pegasus
Winged Creatures 1~2 Harpy

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