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When a units excels in combat, it can be awarded with a medal at the end of battle. Medals can enhance unit attributes, but may also increases their upkeep costs considerably. For every Medal it gets more unlikely to get a new one, making it possible to get more than 3 of them. A unit can also get the same medal more than once.

The minimum condition required to have a chance of receiving each medal is listed in the table below. This chance can be increased by exceeding the minimum requirements.

In World of Knowledge, half of the time meeting the minimum requirement is enough and any exceeding increases chances doubly more than in other world types. In other world types, the chance for medal at just minimum requirement threshold is almost non-existent.


Abbreviations: g = gold, c = crystals

Medal Name Bonus Cost
Battlemage's Badge
Battlemage's Badge +2 ammo
+2 stamina
Use 3+ stamina on spells and score at least 1 ranged kill
Fire_pennant.jpg Fire Pennant

+1 ammo
+1 resistance
+3 Fire Arrows

Minimum Requirements: Unit must not have Magic Shot, have a max ammo of at least 3, take 2/3 max HP of damage, deal ranged damage 3x its ranged attack, and score at least 2 ranged kills.
Medal Healer
Healer's Medal +2 healing
+1 to ammo
Heal 3x healing skill or more
Medal Hero
Hero's Cross +2 melee and counter attack
+1 armor and resistance
Take more than 2/3 max HP damage and score at least 5 kills
Medal Skill
Medal for Agility +2 ranged defense
+2 stamina
Ranged damage received > 50% remaining HP and score at least 1 kill
Medal for Courage
Medal for Courage

+4 morale +1 attack

Unit must have at the end of battle more morale than (MaxMorale + MapMorale/2 + 5), and score at least 1 kill.
Medal for Zeal +3 stamina
+1 counter attack
Use more stamina than max stamina
Medal Preservation
Medal for Resolution +2 resistance
+2 morale
Spell damage received > 50% remaining HP and score at least 1 kill
Medal Resistance
Medal for Resilience +4 hit points
+1 counter attack
+1 melee defense (not listed in description)
Take more damage than max HP and and score at least 1 kill
Medal Defender
Order of the Defender +2 melee defense
+1 counter attack
Melee damage received > 50% remaining HP and and score at least 1 melee kill
Medal Sniper
Order of the Marksman +1 ranged attack
+1 precise shot
Deal 3x physical ranged attack damage or more and score at least 2 ranged kills
Medal Mercenary
Mercenary Badge doubles upkeep
Automatically granted to all mercenaries
Star of the Mage
Star of the Mage +1 ranged attack
+1 energy control
Deal 3x magic ranged attack damage or more and score at least 2 ranged kill
Medal Will
Will for Victory Order

+2 melee attack
+2 counter attack

Deal 3x sum of melee attack and counterattack or more
Order_of_the_victor.jpg Order of the Victor

+5 HP
+3 morale
+2 melee attack
+1 counter attack


Unit must score a kill in the battle, where he loses 4/5 of all allies, hero excluded.

I.e. hero, thug, 4 slingers attack site, slingers die - thug can have a chance for this medal.

hero, thug, 3 slingers attack site, slingers and hero die - thug can't get this medal.