A Scout is quick to learn how to attack across the entire map, has the best damage output and an assortment of utility skills such as “cause panic”, but he is best kept far away from melee. However, like the Warrior, he is heavily dependent upon the quality of his gear, and can be outclassed if superior gear is unavailable to acquire.

Scouts can use the following types of items: Common, Melee Weapon, Ranged Weapon, Light Armor. 

Scouts start with a level 8 skill from the following Swamp-, Hill- or Forest Knowledge, the skill is chosen at random.

Scouts can learn scout perks up to Mastery Level 3.

The primary stats of a level 0 Scout are: 1 Health; 0 Magic; 0 Command.

The primary stats of a level 9 Scout are: 4 Health, 3 Magic, 3 Command.

Perks Edit


Reaction icon
Reaction increases the hero's initiative, speed, and defense.
  • Level 1: Initiative +1, Ranged Defense +1, Resistance +1
  • Level 2: Initiative +1, Ranged Defense +1, Defense +1
  • Level 3: Initiative +1, Speed +1, Resistance +1
  • Level 4: Initiative +1, Ranged Defense +1, Defense +1
  • Level 5: Initiative +1, Speed +1, Resistance +1

Scouting Edit

Scouting increases the speed of province exploration, allows the hero to spy on enemy forces, and perform acts of sabotage before attacking.
  • Level 1: Exploration +5, Enables scouting
  • Level 2: Exploration +5, Allows to raise a false alarm
  • Level 3: Exploration +5, Allows to poison water supplies
  • Level 4: Exploration +10, Allows to create panic
  • Level 5: Exploration +10, Scouting and Sabotage 50% cheaper

False alarm reduces enemy stamina.
Poison water supplies inflicts opponents with a 1 strength poison over 3 turns.
Create panic lowers enemy morale.

Marksmanship Edit


Marksmanship increases the power and range of the hero's ranged attacks.

  • Level 1: Ranged Attack +1
  • Level 2: Ranged Attack +1
  • Level 3: Ranged Attack +1, Range +1
  • Level 4: Ranged Attack +2
  • Level 5: Ranged Attack +2, Range +1

Looting Edit

Looting icon

The Looting skill increases the number of battle trophies received and increases the chance of acquiring items from fallen enemies.

  • Level 1: Spoils +10%
  • Level 2: Spoils +10%
  • Level 3: Spoils +10%
  • Level 4: Spoils +20%
  • Level 5: Spoils +20%

This skill only affects the spoils of war earned from slaying enemies in battle. It does not affect treasures that are looted from a location after the guards are defeated.

Pathfinding Edit

Pathfinding icon

Pathfinding gives the hero and his army knowledge of the countryside. Speeds up the global map movement of the army.

  • Level 1: Forest Knowledge +1
  • Level 2: Hills Knowledge +1
  • Level 3: Swamp Knowledge +1, Mobility +1
  • Level 4: Terrain Knowledge +3
  • Level 5: Terrain Knowledge +4, Mobility +1

The first point of terrain knowledge removes the stamina cost of traversing that terrain on the tactical map and reduces its movement cost to 1. Additional points improve the defense, ranged defense and counterattack of units in that terrain. This skill also removes terrain movement penalties on the strategic map. Scouts start with a random Terrain Knowledge (8). Further bonuses are additive, this can make creatures with a native terrain very strong.

Archery Edit

Archery icon

Archery increases the hero's armor penetration and spare ammo.

  • Level 1: Precise Shot +1, Ammo +1
  • Level 2: Precise Shot +1, Ammo +1
  • Level 3: Precise Shot +1, Ammo +1
  • Level 4: Precise Shot +2, Ammo +1
  • Level 5: Precise Shot +2, Ammo +1

Diplomacy Edit

Diplomacy icon

Diplomacy increases the rewards for completing quests and winning arena battles, reduces the prices of items and repairs in province stores, decreases the cost of bribing guards, and opens additional opportunities during negotiations.

  • Level 1: Rewards +10%, Prices -10%
  • Level 2: Rewards +10%, Prices -10%
  • Level 3: Rewards +20%, Prices -10%
  • Level 4: Rewards +30%, Prices -10%
  • Level 5: Rewards +30%, Prices -10%

Notes: Edit

Archery & Marksmanship are the most useful skills for an offensive Scout, while Reaction gives the very important Initiative bonuses. Scouting is less important on a Scout who is the primary Hero, but becomes much more important on a secondary Hero, who will spend much more time exploring provinces. Looting is unimportant unless income is a serious problem; while at higher levels when clearing high-level dungeons, it can reap very large benefits, by that point you should expect to have a large base income anyway. Diplomacy is interesting: while it gives no combat benefits and the quest rewards will be minor over the course of the shard, Diplomacy unlocks many options for easy recruitment on the strategic map, particularly at the second and third levels. It can make it possible to flip certain kinds of Neutral Provinces at a reduced price or even freely, as well as making certain lairs cheaper, or improving the odds of event recruitments like Grazing Unicorn.


At level 10, the Scout gains a subclass.

Archer (pure Scout)Edit

Archer icon
Once the path of the Scout is completed the hero becomes an Archer and gains the ability to take two shots per Turn.
  • Can use the following types of items: Common, Melee Weapon, Ranged Weapon, and Light Armor.
  • Possesses the skill Extra Shot (Double Shot) (stamina cost 5).
  • Can learn Scout Perks up to Mastery Level 5.
  • Maximum Stats: 8 Health, 6 Magic, 6 Command


Sharpshooter Icon
At level 20, the Archer becomes a Sharpshooter.

Adventurer (Scout/Warrior) Edit

Adventurer icon
A Scout who mastered the art of fighting becomes an Adventurer. He gains the ability to change weapons in battle without sacrificing a turn and obtain better rewards while searching special locations or performing quests.
  • Can use the following types of items: Common, Melee Weapon, Heavy Weapon, Ranged Weapon, Light Armor, Medium Armor, Heavy Armor, and Shield.
  • Finds 50% more gold and gems while searching locations.
  • Receives twice as much gold for completing quests.
  • Can change weapons without spending a turn in battle.
  • Gains the Second Wind ability (attacking after moving does not consume extra stamina)
  • Can learn Scout and Warrior Perks up to Mastery Level 3.
  • Maximum Stats: 10 Health, 4 Magic, 6 Command


At level 20 the Adventurer becomes a Mercenary.

  • Finds 100% more gold and gems while searching locations.
  • Gains the Swiftness ability (can move after attacking)?
  • Speed: +2
  • Initiative: +3

Ringleader (Scout/Commander)Edit

Ringleader icon
A Scout who mastered the skills of command becomes a Ringleader. He gains the ability to loot more trophies after battles and receive more riches while plundering. Additionally troops under the Ringleader possess increased Mobility.
  • Can use the following types of items: Common, Melee Weapon, Ranged Weapon, Banner, Light Armor, Medium Armor and Shield.
  • Looting skill is increased by 3.
  • Receives 25% more gold while plundering provinces.
  • Mobility is increased by +1.
  • Can learn Scout and Commander Perks up to Mastery Level 3.
  • Maximum Stats: 8 Health, 4 Magic, 8 Command


At level 20, the Ringleader becomes a Raider.
Raider Icon
  • Looting skill is increased by 6.
  • Receives 50% more gold while plundering provinces.
  • Mobility is increased by +2.

Ranger (Scout/Wizard)Edit

Ranger icon
A Scout who mastered the secrets of conjuring becomes a Ranger who then gains the ability to explore provinces faster and sabotage enemies more efficiently.
  • Can use the following types of items: Common, Melee Weapon, Ranged Weapon, Wand and Light Armor.
  • Province exploration speed +10.
  • Sabotage efficiency +1.
  • Can perform one act of sabotage more than the skill allows.
  • Can learn Scout and Wizard Perks up to Mastery Level 3.
  • Maximum Stats: 7 Health, 8 Magic, 5 Command


At level 20 the Ranger becomes a Pathfinder.

  • Province exploration speed +20.
  • Sabotage efficiency +2.

Notes: Edit

Archer is generally the superior choice. Sadly Adventurer's bonuses aren't large enough to compensate for the weakness of having two combat focuses: ranged & melee. Ringleader offers superior Command, but his bonuses aren't nearly as good as those of Tactician, the Commander/Scout dual-class. Ranger offers excellent exploration options, but as noted above those are more useful on a secondary hero, and his spell options will usually be less useful than Archer's superior damage output.

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