Tier 1
Alignment Neutral
Hiring Cost 25 Gold
Upkeep 5 Gold
Hit points icon2 Hit Points 17
Stamina icon Stamina 10
Moral ircon Morale 10
Speed icon Speed 2
Attack icon Attack 6
Counterattack icon Counterattack 7
Defence icon Defense 1
Ranged defence icon Ranged Defense 2
Resistance icon Resistance 1
Ranged attack icon Ranged Attack 6
Range icon Range 2
Ammo icon Ammo 1

The Spearman is a tier 1 melee unit with a single ranged shot that damages the enemy's ranged defense.

Starting SkillsEdit

How to hireEdit

Skills available at level upEdit

Skill Available at level Times available
Forced March 2 1